Thank You for choosing to learn more about us. This is our cyber Garden. Here’s a few bits of info to get the ball rolling. To start, Concrete Rose is a children’s charity  established in 2016, however we have been operating low-key due to resource limitations. We realized we were only holding ourselves back out of fear of failure. We were only succeeding at failing our mission,  so we are officially going to launch to the public – Ready or Not.

Our original focus has always been to be a Charity for underprivileged  youth that would assist in developing boys/girls into women/men with goals, skills, and good moral character. Since deciding to go public we have also decided to extend our focus just a little. While before we chose candidates to sponsor, we now want to open the doors of opportunity for as many adolescents as we can afford. Our new direction will allow us to be more of a open resource center for all youth in the near future.  

Concrete Rose has always had a blueprint  on how we plan to save the world and now is as good of a time as any. We’ll get into that as you scroll with us. But first, We’ll start from the beginning. 

Who are we? and what are we about?   

What Is A Concrete Rose?

 A Concrete Rose is a characteristic analogy dubbed from the poem “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” written by The late Artist Tupac Shakur. The poem is the story of a rose  that grew from concrete despite its environmental conditions. Without any assistance or nurturing it managed to thrive and flourish on its own. The Author stated that how we would “marvel” at the tenacity of the rose even if it was tattered. This ideology was compared to most of the youth being raised in underfunded neighborhoods. Like The Rose, these youth are forced to grow into adults without the same privileges and opportunities as more “well-off” children, but expected to carry themselves as if they had.  The desire to flourish despite their conditions is what makes a “Concrete Rose”.

If A Rose Is

Does that Mean It Doesn't Deserve to be Nurtured?


Who is Concrete Rose?

Concrete Rose the Nonprofit can be defined as a youth development Organization. We were founded on the basis of helping the youth that wanted to help themselves. While a great number of our youth do get lost in the shuffle of sin, there are a surprisingly high number of kids that know where they come from, but don’t want it to define them as a person. We are an organization dedicated to assisting in the nourishment they so desperately need. Even though that rose probably should’ve turned into a weed, it grew into what it wanted to rather then what it was expected to. We named ourselves Concrete Rose to honor the message behind the muse and we consider all of our children “Concrete Roses”. 

What is the mission of concrete rose?

The purpose of Concrete Rose is to “Level The Playing Field” for oppressed adolescents in the inner cities of Los Angeles County. Our mission is to guide as many concrete roses down the right path and educate them on the many options to flourish despite their environment. Accepting this mission we vow to give every child the same attention and opportunity necessary to thrive in a biased society. We have every Intention to use all resources available to us to promote productive development amongst each child we encounter. Our mission isn’t complete until we have done our part to give every child a fighting chance to be the best self that they want to be.



Motivation stage, which we like to call the planting stage, is the first step and most important step in productive child growth. Children at this age are the most impressionable.


Development is the stage where we feed the roots that we planted as a seedling. This means offering guidance and support in any way possible throughout their journey.


The sprout stage is the equivalent to graduation for the youth. All of the Mentoring is paying off and the rose has been nurtured and is growing in the right direction. 


When they blossom our Concrete Roses' have become the become what they've prepared for. It most cases this is having chosen a path and will pay it forward by pollinating another young seedling.


With the growing number of registered charities, It can be very difficult to find a charity that not only fits your interest, but one that you can trust is actually dedicated to their cause. Concrete Rose Nonprofit would appreciate an opportunity to prove to you why we are determined to be the most dedicated, yet transparent community charity, despite other local non profit organizations having the same mission. We wanted to implement programs that weren’t just to “occupy time” or “keep one out of trouble”. Concrete Rose believes that having to use the purpose of negativity determent is mostly necessary due to the lack of alternative options in their life. Meaning:
“If They Knew Better, They’d Do Better”.
Most kids in the inner cities are really only offered very slim options of being able to productively develop themselves into worthwhile citizens. Sports is always #1 on the list. but with that only comes the usual Basketball & Football. While this is great and ironically have been great for urban communities, its such a narrow fit. it isolates more kids than we know, leaving them to find some else to “keep them out of trouble”. Concrete rose wants to offer more opportunities that most inner city kids wouldn’t believe were possible for them.
What We Plan To Accomplish

Let’s address our blueprint to save the world now. Concrete Rose firmly believes the best time to start preparing your child for life is the day they can spell it. Frankly, it’s never to early to start sparking inspiration in a child’s life. In the past we offered our services via “in the field”. We visited schools, libraries and parks. We volunteered at other nonprofit facilities and churches, But  There is no set location where we can be found other than our corporate office. Although this isn’t our first goal, Having a facility of our own to offer all of our future services in one building is definitely a priority. We plan to offer a host of classes that most children just don’t have access to in their communities. There’s more to education than reading and there’s more to talent then dribbling. We have the ambition to provide courses that not only helps the youth through school, but through life as well.

Long Term Goal

The Concrete Rose Garden

Resource Center

The Percentage of Progress
OUR DREAM GOAL IS $1,000,000,000 0%

Due to poorly funded schools, Most youth that attend inner city schools will probably need tutoring sometime during their school years. The first program we want to start in our new facility is a Tutoring Program for all subjects.  

Computer Literacy

Computer technology is no longer the future. that time is now. Children should be trained as early as possible to keep up with the times. the sooner they learn, the more time they have to increase their knowledge.

Skill/Talent Training

Skills & Talent are tools that we want to focus on heavily. Not all children that graduate High School will  attend college. Our goal is to have every Participant not only graduate, but leave with a skill or talent that they can always rely on.

College Preparedness

One thing that is hard to find for a youth is a program that helps prepare them for college. We don’t want any youth to go in blind or not have the assistance necessary to survive. This includes but isn’t limited to S.A.T studies and College applications. 

Life Readiness

Life Readiness is arguably the most important program we plan to offer. All the years in school and there is no subject that teaches life skills such as: Budgeting, taxes, investing, etc. It is never to early to learn what they’ll need to use the rest of their life.


There will be certain participants who are going to be chosen to be sponsored. These sponsorships will be voted on and funded by donors. This program is designed to give certain gifted kids the opportunity to excel in their craft. 

Short Term Goals


So You Think You Got Talent?

Concrete Rose's first major fundraising event will be a youth talent show. All children between the ages of 6 - 17 will be able to submit for a chance to be in the talent show. We plan to raise money through ticket sells, We hope to be able to host this event annually. Stay up to date on by following us on our Facebook Page.

Brick by Brick

We understand that it will take a lot of hard work, time, and generosity in order for us to reach our goal. One big event just won't cut it. So we plan to have phases that will start small then increase yearly until we are in the position we need to be.

Raffles - Auctions - Merchandise - Dinners - Events
The Part Where we beg
CR - Website - Banner
Concrete rose would respect any enormous gifts similarly as some other philanthropy would, perceiving how all philanthropies depend on the liberality of others. we, however appreciate and encourage the smaller donations even more because it's rare that a small unnoticeable nonprofit organization would be gifted a large cash donation anyway. Concrete Rose relies on the consistent generous contributions of Average working people. A lot of people get discouraged tho when it comes to donating because they have the heart to give and they want to make a difference but don't have disposable income for a large donation. They assume that if the donation is too small that it won't be valued the same. Concrete Rose would like to challenge that theory. $100 from one person equals the same as $10 from ten people.
Poverty is linked with negative conditions such as substandard housing, homelessness, inadequate nutrition and food insecurity, inadequate child care, lack of access to health care, unsafe neighborhoods, and under resourced schools which adversely impact our nation's children.


Concrete Rose accepts items of donations as well. If you feel that you have something of value that you would like to donate - Please click the button below
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Child poverty rates remain higher than before the recession. According to official poverty statistics, 18.1% of children in California lived in families without enough resources to make ends meet in 2018.

every ¢ent makes $ense

Give a little, Give a lot. We don't judge you off what you got.

There are many ways you can help our organization. As funds are our main source for operations, we do encourage currency of any denomination, however we accept donations of all kind. We accept items for donations that include but are not limited to: Clothes, Shoes, Toys, School supplies, Furniture, Sports equipment, Etc. You may also donate your time by helping our mailing department, or our telemarketing department, or even by leaving your contact info for future volunteer work at our events. Last but certainly not least, you can help our cause the most by simply spreading the word. Like Our Page, Share Our Link, Tell somebody.


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